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Minutes from previous meetings

22nd May 2023


Georgina Burraigh

Nick Hodges (GP)

Ken Goddard

Frank Thompson (Acting Chair)

Barbara Mackinder

Gill Jordan

Noreen Watson

Annie Russell (Notes)


Sharon Giles (Practice Manager)

Lavinia Sonnenberg (Chair)

Welcome and Introductions:

LS has decided to step down as chair. It was agreed that FT would be acting Chair for this meeting and for the foreseeable future.

Practice Report:

The practice has had a contract imposed for the second year in a row.

Financial struggles due to the cost of living crisis.

GP numbers are falling.

The BMA GP committee has voted for industrial action.

The Axminster patients report their overall experience of the practice is positive to a greater extent than the national average. This is also true for appointment bookings.

A new GP, Dr James Harris will be joining the practice on a salaried basis. He will be working part time.

The ARC  bereavement charity uses rooms at the practice. It provides a valued counselling service.

Action Points:

* Need to revive mission statement. FT

* Look into progress on development of separate PPG web site. FT

* Improve visibility of link to PPG on practice web site. NH ( If happy with this we may decide we don’t need a separate web site).

* Progress development of news letter leaflet. FT

* Manage PPG page on Facebook. FT & GJ

* Look at what other PPGs do to increase visibility in their communities. NW


Issue of communication with people who don’t use mobile phones or the internet was discussed.

Next Meeting:

Monday 31st July, 2023 at 6.30 PM at the practice.

1st January 2024

Minutes of PPG meeting  15/01/2024


   Gill Jordan, Jo Clarke, Nick Hodges, Sharon Giles


   Barbara Mackinder, Helen James, Lavinia Sonnenberg, Martin Shaw-Jenkins

3. Review of Terms of Reference

    Deferred to next meeting

4. Practice Update

     a)New Staff : GP Registrar -Eleanor          until May 2024

                          GP Registrar- Henry             May onwards

                           Nurse – Elena

                           Reception & Admin Staff

    b)Practice Boundary : Some minor changes In the Practice boundary – outlying areas. No

       changes to existing patients.

        There are currently 12,700 patients registered at the Practice ( up from 11,700 in past


   c) Friends and Family Test – randomly selected patients who consented to provide

       feedback after a consultation.

       Key themes emerging : ability to book blood tests online ( now in place)

                                                  Longer time period to complete e consult

    d) Flu jabs still available – uptake has not been as good as in the past.

         NHS App. Is becoming more useful – receiving messages from GP, consultations.

    e) Asthma, COPD, Diabetes Reviews – phone reviews by pharmacist in addition to usual

         annual reviews

5. Deferred to next meeting.

6. Website action – Continue to use the main Medical Practice website – PPG banner at the

    top. It would be helpful to give greater prominence on the main entry page.

    Suggestion made to cancel ‘Pink Pigeon’ website as it has not been used.

    E mail account difficulties – GJ suggested opening a new account – NH to forward list of

    names and email addresses of all present and past members of the group.

  7. Recruitment : there is an urgent need to recruit new members to the group. SG

     suggested using part of the notice board for a poster and newsletter.

 8. Deferred to next meeting.

Actions : NH to send GJ list of members’ email addresses

                 GJ to write newsletter, stating aims and inviting new members to join

Date of Next Meeting: 15th April 2024 ( On -line to be considered after consultation with current and potential new members).